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I love zipping around town in my new Zenn car.  It is fun to drive and so many people have a smile and a wave for me.  I easily keep the battery charged and coast in neutral down hills.  What fun.  I am also reducing my carbon footprint and reducing dependency on foreign oil (which leads to foreign wars).  This should lead to better lives for my children and grandchildren. - George Ow Jr., Santa Cruz

Zenn Electric Cars

The Earth-Friendly Future is Here With ZENN

the Zero Emission, No Noise fully-featured electric vehicle.  In addition to requiring no gasoline, the ZENN distinguishes itself with a comfort, convenience and utility no other Neighborhood Electric Vehicle (NEV) can match. And with its affordability and economical operation, it offers remarkable value.

The ZENN can be recharged anywhere by simply plugging into a standard electrical outlet and can be ready to go in as little as 4 hours.  At only pennies per mile to operate and with minimal maintenance requirements, the ZENN is the ideal choice for consumers and businesses alike. Be Sure to Check Out The ZENN Website


Electric Scooters

Riding electric scooters is a lot of fun.

 Get on, turn the key and go!

  • Electric Power – Skip the Pump
  • Clean, Quiet and Smart - Silent operation to let you sneak up on the gas guzzlers on the road
  • Simple Power – Plugs into any standard household outlet
  • Practical Range: Up to 30 miles* per charge with a maximum speed of 30 mph
The Green Station carries scooters by Bravo Electric Vehicles. Be sure to check out their site!

Electric Bicycles

You're really going to enjoy riding the Izip Urban Cruiser Enlightened Electric Bike. This super-quiet electric transportation travels at up to 17 mph for up to 10-15 miles on a single charge. It comes stock with a powerful Brushless Hub Motor, Ultra light weight Nimh Batteries, front suspension, a rugged full size frame, and plenty of power. It gets 500 watts of electric power from a DC Earth Magnet motor, & features a "Smart" battery gauge indicator to let you know how much "juice" you have left.
  • Top Speed Up to 15 Mph / 24 Kph (Rider Weight Contingent)
  • Range Up to 15 - 20 Miles / 24 - 32 Km with Normal Pedaling (Rider Weight Contingent)
  • Net Weight 70 lbs / 32 kg
  • 7-speed Geared System with Shimano Acera Rear Derailleur
Average temperatures have climbed 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit (0.8 degree Celsius) around the world since 1880, much of this in recent decades, according to NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies.
The U. S. is the top oil consuming nation, using about 25% of total world oil production.
The Earth has been around for 4.6 billion years. Scaling this time down to 46 years we have been around for 4 hours and our Industrial Revolution began just 1 minute ago. During this short time period we have ransacked the planet to get fuels and raw materials.
  • The 500 million automobiles on earth burn an average of 2 gallons of fuel a day.
  • Each gallon of fuel releases 20 pounds of carbon dioxide into the air.
  • Approximately 5 million tons of oil produced in the world each ear ends up in the ocean.

Campbell Fueling Station

136 Gilman Ave.
Campbell, CA 95008
(831) 425-9100
(408) 386-7302 (Charlie is on site and available for repairs and adjustments)
Tu,Th,Fr 4pm-7pm

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