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How Much Does Bio-Diesel Cost?

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Biodiesel typically costs a bit more than petrol diesel, but the main reason is that the renewable fuel industry gets nowhere near the BILLION$$$ (some say TRILLION$$$) in taxpayer subsidies that "Big Oil" gets. Here's an article by Chris Nelder (Energy & Capital), Friday, June 29th, 2007, that attempts to put numbers to all these external costs that are not included in the price of petrol at the pump:

The True Cost of Oil: $65 Trillion a Year?

There are other studies that come up with similar results. If you search the internet for "the true price of gas" you'll find many. Here's one more link from CBS:

Paying Oil's True Cost

The late Milton Copulos was a veteran of the Heritage Foundation, an advisor to both President Ronald Reagan’s White House and the CIA, as well as the head of the right-wing National Defense Council Foundation. Copulos figured the true cost of gas was over $11 a gallon; others would drive the price still higher.

In early July, The New York Times reported that, "amazingly, BP is also claiming a $9.9 billion tax credit for its response to its oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico." That's on top of the $225,000 a day for rent of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig they claim in tax deductions.

Right now, current Bay Area prices for petro- diesel (or vile-diesel as our friend Rafael likes to call it) are neck and neck with biodiesel prices at about $4.15/gal.

The point is that any way you slice it, biodiesel costs far less than petroleum.

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